Beach Reach 2016 (Video)

Twelve people from Jacob's Well made the trek down to Panama City Beach, FL during spring break, joining 500 other college students for Beach Reach. Together they give 5,881 van rides, served 3,015 plates of pancakes, and put Jesus on display in a tangible way for the spring breakers who flooded the beaches of PCB. 

You Can't Put Maple Syrup on Fishes and Loaves (Spring Break 2015)

Beach Reach 2015

If Jesus were in Panama City Beach over Spring Break, how might he spend his time?

In Jerusalem, looking over an unbelieving city, he wept (Luke 19:41).
He saw the crowds, he had compassion (Matthew 9:35-37).

Emily's Story (Video)

Meet Emily, a freshman at the University of Minnesota. Hear why she is choosing to take the step of baptism.

"There's no amount of preparation to be ready or be deserving of this incredible gift. [...] The earlier you decide to be a believer and let God work through your life, the more time that He has to change the world through you."

Being a New Student Can Be a Scary Thing

More than ever Audrey feels Jesus wants her to use her gifts to help people.

Transferring colleges can be scary. Audrey, a transfer student & incoming sophomore here at the University of Minnesota this past fall, knew she wanted to keep growing in her relationship with God, but what would that look like in a new city, at a new college, surrounded by a bunch of people she’s never met?...